Press Office
March 7, 2017
  • Keeps our promise to repeal Obamacare and put in place a better     system at the same time
  • Follows the principles laid out by President Trump and was developed in close consultation with the Trump White House
  • Dismantles Obamacare, most notably ends the individual mandate that infringes on our freedom by forcing people to purchase insurance.
  • Blocks federal funds from going to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.
  • Returns power to the states with the biggest entitlement reform in a generation. The bill phases out the Medicaid expansion and puts Medicaid on a budget, ending its open ended funding and showing that entitlements aren’t a third rail—they can be reformed and made solvent for future generations.
  • Reduces regulations that force health care plans to be filled with all sorts of services people don’t want and can’t afford.
  • Provides massive tax relief by getting rid of Obamacare’s worst taxes, including the Medical Device Tax and health insurance taxes.
  • Nearly doubles the amount of money people can contribute to HSAs and makes them more flexible so people can use it to purchase things they actually need, like over the counter medications.
  • Provides tax credits that are aged-based – not income–based – so as not to discourage work and allows people to purchase the kind of plan that fits their needs, not Washington’s. 


Majority Leader Press Office
H-107 | The Capitol